how do you know youre asexual if you havent had sex???

how do you know you arent sexually attracted to toothpaste if youve never slathered your genitalia with it and shoved the tube up your anus????

how do you know?????

You have some shockingly good points. Just a second

Update: I am not sexually attracted to toothpaste



Why do guys wanna know the dumbest things about girls, like:

  1. Can you squirt?
  2. did you masturbate today?
  3. Are you horny right now?
  4. can you fist your ass?

Like what the actual fuck?

Why not ask decent questions, like:

  1. what’s your favourite flower?
  2. what never fails to make you smile?
  3. what’s your favourite scent?
  4. puppies, kittens or both?
  5. Books or movies?
  6. Cereal or Coffee in the morning?

At least these questions tell you about the person…

100% agree

it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie